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Dragon Medical Practice Edition and other products commonly used in medical offices are discussed at Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 was released in June 2013 and is the primary medical product sold to new users. We offer microphones, pre-purchase consultation, installation support, training, and customization services to help make your Dragon experience better.

Not all medical practices are identical. If you want our advice as to how to proceed, we suggest that you answer a few questions and then give us a call at 602-375-0998.

DRAGON NaturallySpeaking 13 for Business and Legal Use

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 is Nuance's latest edition to the Dragon family of speech recognition products. As of July 27, 2014, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 has been available. Professional 13 has been available since late September 2014.

Legal 13 products are due later in October.. The Medical products are from a separate division, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 will likely be the primary product for practices of under 25 physicians for many months.

A review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 has been updated.

Meanwhile dealers are trying to sell Release 12 stock so you may find unusually good prices on specific Release 12 products. All Release 12 products listed on this site are either 12.5 DVD's or can be upgraded freely to 12.5.



[Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software]
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 can be found on our website dedicated to Dragon Medical, .
  • Upgrades are available, including in-stock upgrades to Professional 12, 13 and Legal 12 as well as Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.
  • We have significant discounts on a limited number of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 Recorder Editions.
  • Not sure what you need? Read our Hints: Which Version is Right for You?
  • [Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, A Guide to Advanced Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, by Larry V. Allen.]Want to automate your tasks? Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 11 , by Larry V. Allen.

    Learn to use the advanced scripting capabilities of DNS 11, 12, and Dragon Medical Practice Edition. This is aimed at advanced users of the Medical, Professional and Legal products wishing to get the most from their product.

  • Visit our Products section for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, learn from our books and videos, and browse our microphones and accessories.

About Softnet Systems, Inc.

Softnet Systems, Inc. specializes in technical consultation, customization, troubleshooting, and deployment of speech recognition systems. We work with doctors, lawyers, other professionals, and with a wide range of other interesting people wanting to or needing to use speech recognition to improve their productivity, their writing, and/or their means of communicating with others. We've written well-respected books, including Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 11 and five earlier books on using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Advanced Scripting, and we provide selected speech recognition products primarily based on our consultations, demonstrations, or training with you. In the Phoenix area and throughout Arizona we provide on-site service almost every day. Remote Internet services allow us to provide daily service throughout the rest of the world.

We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, check out our speech recognition Hints, Products, and Services.


We're happy to consult with you or your company about your speech recognition needs, provide training, specialized programming, or provide Internet-based demonstrations of speech recognition systems. See our Services section for more information.

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