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Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

The premier speech recognition product for a wide variety of medical practice applications, released June 2013. To see what's new, click here.


Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Released in 2011,a few EMR companies still recommend this. It has gotten difficult to obtain, but if you need it we will make best efforts to find it for you.

Package Pricing

E-mail or call for package pricing on Medical Products combining products with alternate microphones, training, and/or support!

What Your Full Version Purchase Includes

Full Medical Products (not upgrades) include 1 hour free phone/e-mail support for training, customization, and problem-solving. This is in addition to the Nuance (a.k.a. Dragon) technical support. Additional support time may be purchased.

[Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, by Larry V. Allen.]

Upon request, Medical editions include a copy of the book ($49 value) by Larry Allen, Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking®11. This provides needed documentation so that you can learn create voice commands that allow you to more fully utilize NaturallySpeaking. Otherwise, you must rely on on-line help files to decipher how to create the voice commands that make these products powerful. This book applies to both Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and Dragon Medical Practice Edition.



These products are licensed PER USER. Two users, one machine requires two licenses. One user, two machines requires one license.

Looking for several licenses? If interested in 5 or more licenses, e-mail with your contact information, number of licenses, the products you desire, etc. Product Maintenance options are available for all Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 licenses at a price of $320/license/year (higher with PowerMic II maintenance).

Price Matching Policy

We appreciate opportunities to price-match our competitors. Please e-mail providing details of the competitive pricing.

Ordering problems? Want a different combination of prices?
Call 602-375-0998.


Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 $1599.99

Dragon Medical Premier Partner



For persons buying Medical products:
We will discuss microphone alternatives and provide the microphone along with the software. Or, if you are in metropolitan Phoenix and need a microphone in a hurry, we keep a variety of top-quality microphones on hand. You can even feel them on your head before you buy if you visit us!

You'll have a tough time finding these microphones in retail stores.

For more information about microphones, see our Microphones. If buying in conjunction with a full Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 product, ask us for package pricing.

Dictaphone PowerMic II Microphone
Powerful handheld microphone including programmable buttons, eraser-style mouse, mouse buttons, and high quality noise-cancelling microphone.
Philips SpeechMike Premium (Push-Button) LFH3500

Includes trackball mouse functions, 12 programmable buttons, speaker
This product will be shipped by the next business day after receipt of order.
(US Sales Only)



The Philips LFH9600 or LFH8000 recorders are offered in a bundle with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and are also sold separately by phone. We suggest contacting us by phone to discuss recorder use, as it is often not as useful as some may suggest. Additional setup and training time is normally needed when recorders are to be used.


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