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Issue 1: NaturallySpeaking Release 7.3

ScanSoft has released another update for Release 7 users, identified as 7.3. This update can be downloaded from the ScanSoft web site.

Office 2003 users will find this update extremely helpful. Users having problems with Release 7 will likely find it beneficial to download this update before contacting Tech Support, as the classic Tech Support response to many questions will become "upgrade to 7.3 and see if the problem is fixed."

Behind the scenes, it appears that there may be more to this update than advertised. Besides the problems identified as being fixed, it appears that other enhancements have been included. Kudos to ScanSoft for doing this at no charge for Release 7 users!

Problems Resolved

See the ScanSoft web site for the list of resolved problems.

I'm Not Using Release 7 -- Should I Upgrade?

Now that Release 7.3 is available, you've got more reason than ever to upgrade. Make certain that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements before upgrading. This is a 500MHz CPU speed and 256MB RAM for the Medical and Legal products, 500MHz CPU speed and 128MB for the other products. Upgrades are available for users of Release 5 and Release 6. Beginning with the upgrades to Release 7.3, this will be verified as part of the installation process.

Satisfaction with Release 7 has been quite high. Dictation results are generally better than prior releases, though there is a tiny minority that gets better results on Release 5. These tend to be fast-talking individuals.


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