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Clearance Items

These items are "close-out" items, a few new, many used for demonstrations in the office or trade shows. Some were returned merchandise, opened and typically used a week or less before a person realized the specific microphone wasn't ideal. Quantities are limited on all of these to stock on hand.

In most cases you've gotten to this web page from an email solicitation. Respond by specifying what you'd like and (presuming we haven't sold out) we will send you an invoice for the item. If you want other items at the same time, let us know and we'll put all on one invoice. Calling us to order is OK too, 602-375-0998.

If out of town, shipping of these items is necessarily delayed until our return. We'll let you know if there will be a delay when you email or call.

Normal shipping within the US is US Priority Mail. In a few cases we will ship either First Class or Media Mail. Actual shipping costs will be charged.

Bypassing the normal shopping cart allows us to easily offer the free shipping and let you know whether we will ship immediately vs. needing to wait for shipping.


Headset Microphones

Typically these are microphones which have been opened, tested, and for some reason are not well-suited for their targeted purpose. They won't be sold as new because of this use. A few are new but discontinued models.

SpeechWare FlexyMic (single ear, old model)

Old (2008) style, extremely lightweight over-the-ear microphone. Good for speech recognition, over the ear, extremely lightweight. Original price $249. Microphone only, no speaker, Mic-In connection to sound card. A USB adapter designed to use with this microphone is included.
Qty 1 (used, but in like-new condition) available at $19


Handheld Microphones
Olympus DirectRec DR-2200

Handheld microphone with slideswitch controls, a good microphone but this model never got popular in the Dragon community because its controls were too complex to program/set up. But as just a microphone it works very well. Qty 1, $99

Olympus DirectRec DR-1200

Handheld microphone, a good microphone but this model never got popular in the Dragon community because its controls were too complex to program/set up. But as just a microphone it works very well. Qty 1 available, $99

Grundig SonicMic 3 Microphone, Used

Outstanding current-model microphone, 2015 introduction, still working well. 1/2 price, $165

Philips SpeechMike, Nuance PowerMic

Contact us via email or phone for pricing/availability.

Handheld Microphones - Generally Better for Music/Vocal then for Speech Recognition

Audix OM2s Handheld Microphone

New, XLR connector, sells on discount music sites for $119, list price $199. Qty 1, $59


Desktop Microphones

Logitech Desktop Microphone USB, Open Box but not used

1/3 price, $19


USB Adapters

Buddy USB 6G USB Audio Adapter, long cables

Quantity 1, new, $12


Like microphones, we have to test recorders. In many cases we end up with recorders that work just fine, but they are not new. As new models appear, we need to test those new models so we are "stuck" with the old ones. A one-person business can only use a few digital recorders at once, so we sell off these used/demo models. Quantities are very limited, typically only one of each model.

Currently available models include:

Philips Voice Tracer DVT3100, Open box, $25


Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium Spanish

Qty 1, $49 open box

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Spanish products include English profile options so that you may choose whether to dictate in Spanish or English. The installation requires some understanding of Spanish, we can assist with the installation remotely if needed.

Upgrade, Legal 10/11 to Legal 12

$49 each




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